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Free Download Google Chrome OS | Get Google Chrome OS for Free

Google Chrome OS was finally unveiled today and is now already compiled as a VMWare image! TO be able to use Google Chrome Os, first you will need VMWare running on your computer whether its PC, Mac or Linux. Then create an account and download image from Google also has released the operating system’s code as an open source document for external developers to get cracking.

Google Chrome OS can now be downloaded from the following sites: [P*Bay, Techcrunch]

Philips Prestigo 15-Device Universal Remote

Posted by Lok on 10/14/2009 , under , | comments (0)

  • The 15 in 1 controller provides the convenience of controlling up to 15 home entertainment devices with one remote control
  • The remote control incorporates a library of channel icons for most countries’ main TV stations; via the color LCD screen you can program the right channel icons for the right channel
  • The universal IR code database refers to a library of infrared codes built-in to a particular remote. This feature allows the remote to control your equipment without needing to learn individual signals
  • Unlike other universal remote controls, where a 3-digit code needs to be input to identify a brand and device, this remote incorporates on-device step-by-step instructions to setup your equipment, regardless of brand
  • High resolution quality ( 2.0 inch high resolution, 220×175 pixel TFT display) ensures great readability of the content on the screen
  • The rotary wheel cursor enables you to navigate through the setup menu and the device pages, in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions
  • Backlighting illuminates the LCD screen and keypad for use in the dark (Backlight color: White)
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Channel icon library: 400
  • Programmable channel icons: 100
  • Number of activities: 15
  • On-Screen Display languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Battery low indication
  • Batteries: (3) AA / LR6 Alkaline (Not Included)
  • Battery saving manager: Auto switch on/off
  • Operating distance: 33 ft (10 m)
  • Carrier frequency range: 19kHz – 455 kHz
  • Transmitting LEDs: 2
  • Flash memory size: 4 MB
  • Dimensions: (W) 2” x (L) 9.5” x (H) 1”
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs

T-Mobile Sidekick -

T-Mobile Sidekick is very useful device which are helpful to connect your friends, relatives and others anywhere in the world instantly.

    Fast facts about the T-Mobile Sidekick
  • T-Mobile’s Sidekicks have been faction favorites stretching all the way back to the original grayscale model
  • The Sidekick users feel like a genuinely high-end device, a soft-touch coating with a tasteful, subdued metallic finish and tasteful chrome accents on the top, bottom, and d-pad.
  • You find the two shoulder buttons as you expect of any proper Sidekick on the top edge of any device.
  • T-Mobile’s keyboard is interesting, because it’s essentially nothing more than a membrane with raised dimples for keys, but it somehow works extremely well.
  • In recent memory, Sidekick moves from icon to icon are an animated operation.