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T-Mobile Sidekick -

10/10/2009 , Posted by Lok at 9:28 PM

T-Mobile Sidekick is very useful device which are helpful to connect your friends, relatives and others anywhere in the world instantly.

    Fast facts about the T-Mobile Sidekick
  • T-Mobile’s Sidekicks have been faction favorites stretching all the way back to the original grayscale model
  • The Sidekick users feel like a genuinely high-end device, a soft-touch coating with a tasteful, subdued metallic finish and tasteful chrome accents on the top, bottom, and d-pad.
  • You find the two shoulder buttons as you expect of any proper Sidekick on the top edge of any device.
  • T-Mobile’s keyboard is interesting, because it’s essentially nothing more than a membrane with raised dimples for keys, but it somehow works extremely well.
  • In recent memory, Sidekick moves from icon to icon are an animated operation.

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