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Introducing the Powermat Wireless Charger

10/10/2009 , Posted by Lok at 8:08 PM

A revolutionary new way to wirelessly charge all your favorite devices from one power source without the tangled mess of wires!

Sound to good to be true? Not if you have an extra couple hundred bucks to spend. The Powermat charges via magnetic induction and requires a special receiver case be put on your device(s) to charge. When you place it on the mat, the magic begins and the power from induction charges your battery to full without needing separate chargers--one outlet charges up to three devices at a time. The receiver enables the charger to provide the proper charge and stop charging at the right time.

While it might sound like some sort of concept or vaporware, the Powermat is actually available now via the Powermat website or at Amazon. The charger itself runs $100 and includes the Powercube, which is a receiver that offers 8 different tips to use with a variety of devices (not quite wireless, but close enough). Receiver cases for devices such as iPhones and Blackberries are also available separately and retail for $30 to $40.

While the Powermat isn't necessarily the cheapest charging solution, it certainly is a convenient travel charger.
Chris Weiss

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