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Moblin 2 Has Arrived! Mini 10v Netbook

9/26/2009 , Posted by Lok at 1:05 AM

Dell recently announced the their newest notebook line based on Ubuntu-Moblin named Mini 10v netbook.

For those who did not know about Moblin, (Mobile Linux) is an OS and Application stack specially designed for Netbooks and other Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). The main goal of the project is to minimize power consumption and boot times, thereby increasing power life on MIDs.

Moblin's second release now featured GNOME Mobile UI instead of Xfce desktop environment.

More Features:

MyZone Screenpanel

Mobile Image Creator
Better Power Management Implementation
GTK based UI Framework
Mozilla-based browser with Finger-driven UI
Helix and GStreamer Multimedia Framework

More information at Dell website for Linux

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