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Car PC Project Series: Centrafuse Part 2

9/25/2009 , Posted by Lok at 3:09 PM

3. Internet Setup
This is great if you have Broadband 3G USB (WeRoam,SmartBro,Tattoo)  you can attach to the PC to enable wireless internet on the go. Centrafuse should be able to automatically detect this once you set up the connection in Windows.

4. Weather Report
Very useful. Automatic download of weather information once you have the internet setup.The only configuration required is to set the location:

Go to Settings->Weather->Setup->Click Location->Your location->Save

5. Camera Setup

Centrafuse automatically detects camera devices attached to the PC. However, the camera on my the pc is built in on top of the monitor (not really useful if I wanted to have the video mounted at the back of the car). So you need to buy wireless cam and video grabber . Video grabber connects to your PC via USB and then the rca of the video grabber is connected to the receiver. Windows will detect it as another video source. If you don't feel the need to set a camera you can skip this, I just thought it'd be cool to have this  implemented on the setup.

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