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Car PC Project Series: Centrafuse Part 3

9/25/2009 , Posted by Lok at 3:30 PM

6. OBDII-Engine Diagnostic
Now this is where it gets interesting. Centrafuse supports OBDII via elm devices. The device connects to your OBDII interface port (Where can I find OBD II Port? On Ford Escape, the car's OBDII port can be found right under the open hood latch under the steering wheel) and sends the signal to the laptop via bluetooth. You will be able to read engine diagnostics/trouble codes in near real-time. Here's the screenshot of the OBD diagnostics (I'm using ecuemulator to generate OBD data).

7. Digital Gauge
Centrafuse currently does not have digital gauges built-in their software. I did a bit of research and found this forum. With little tweaks and more research, I was able to place the initial gauges on the interface. I'll update this once I have the final design, but in theory, you can make different gauges as long as you can get the OBD II data.

I will post updates for GPS Installation on Centrafuse. Just visit this link regularly.

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